The Most Useless iPhone Apps

You can create voodoo dolls and flip a coin with crazy iPhone apps
There are a lot of applications for iPhone 3G communicators, some of which are necessary and functional, for example, tools for determining the location or to inform about the state of the stock market. But the developers have not stopped there, and prepared a number of “frivolous gizmos” for the Apple phones – from a virtual voodoo doll to a “tree” on the screen, on which you can tap for good luck. Prices for the fun apps don’t exceed $3.

On the eve of the official launch of iPhone 3G in Russia, we publish a list of the twenty craziest applications for the communicator from Apple, a review of which was prepared by BusinessWeek magazine.

iLighter (i-lighter)

If your lighter suddenly gave up its life at a rock concert, do not hurry to get upset: light a virtual fire in your iPhone. The digital tongue of flame responds to movement and touch and will fluctuate as you wiggle your phone from side to side. The app was developed by Encore and costs 99 cents.

iMilk (i-milk)

With the app developed by Hottrix, you can pour yourself a glass of milk at any time… in your iPhone. With this feature, the screen of your phone can be “filled” with milk, which will “splash” when you move, and when you “drink” the milk – the glass will be empty. If you are not a fan of milk, Hottrix has the same option for fans of beer – iBeer. It costs $2.99.


This app turns the iPhone screen into a finger trainer that even records the time of “runs” and displays personal records. Developed by Lou Montilla, NDMapple; priced at 99 cents.

TouchWood (“knock on wood”)

If you have an urgent need to ward off the evil eye and there’s nothing wooden around, use this free app for iPhone that fills your phone screen with an image of wood. The program makes a tapping sound on the wood when you touch it. The developers are Lou Montilla, NDMapple.

iVoodoo (i-woodoo)

A good voodoo doll isn’t easy to find, but if you buy a special iPhone app for $2.99, you won’t have to expend any energy looking for one. With this feature developed by oeFun, you can create up to five different voodoo dolls and stick them with pins. You can even give the doll a name and a specific face, and choose the shape of the pins from seven choices.

Crazy Metal Head

With this app, you can “shake the haircut.” How? Just shake the phone or touch the screen to make the virtual head start moving. Appropriate heavy-metal music and screams are included. Made by and priced at 99 cents.

Crazy Laser

If you’re bored at a meeting, turn your iPhone into a blaster and have some fun. Shake the phone or touch the screen to activate the laser beam; touch the button to fire. The phone vibrates with each shot. Developed by; price 99 cents.

iHandy Coin Flip (i-toss a coin)

If you need to solve something with a coin and you don’t have any in your pockets because you’ve spent the last money on the iPhone app – flip a virtual coin with the help of this free application for your phone. The developer is iHandySoft.

iEyes (i-eyes)

Start this free app from Andreas Schmidt and the cartoon eyes will follow the movements of your finger on the screen of your iPhone. Well, not bad entertainment.

Esteem Aid (“self-esteem booster”)

Not in the mood? Pick it up with this free iPhone app. Just shake your phone to get one of 60 pre-programmed uplifting affirmations. The developer is Kelly Venechanos.