Face Aging Apps on iPhone

*Old Face Changer
*Age Editor
*Face App
*Old Face Cam
*Life Advisor
*FaceKit AI
*Z Camera

There are quite a few applications for the iPhone that provide the ability to edit photos, process them with filters and effects, apply masks and much more. One of the most popular features is face aging, and today we will tell you about the most suitable solutions for this purpose.

Old Face Changer

An easy-to-use application that is a photo and video editor endowed with the necessary minimum of tools to process local files as well as pictures and recordings taken directly from the camera. For this purpose, there is a small set of filters, similar to those found in Instagram. The face aging itself on the photo can be done in steps of +20, +30, +50 and +60, and it happens almost instantly. If you want, you can compare the image before and after, and then save it to the internal memory of the iPhone or immediately publish it on social networks.

Old Face Changer does a relatively good job for our task today, but this program is not without its shortcomings. For example, it has ads – videos can appear both immediately after launching it and when you try to save the file. The wrinkles that are applied to the face sometimes “go” behind it and are displayed with little noticeable stripes in the background, for example, above the head. This editor has only one advantage – free access to basic features, which is what makes it stand out from the competition.

Age Editor

A photo editor that, unlike the one discussed above and most subsequent solutions, does not work in automatic mode. You can age your face with all sorts of stickers and overlays, including different variations of wrinkles and age spots, gray beards and mustaches, which will need to be placed on the image manually. They are divided into thematic categories – face, hair, accessories, etc. In the “Edit” section, you can crop the picture, change the size and position of the stickers, stretch them or, on the contrary, shrink them.

The interface of Age Editor looks strange – it is a black screen with thumbnails (section names). For adding a photo from the gallery and/or creating a new photo the first one located in the upper left corner is responsible. The processing itself, which involves aging, is not difficult, and if necessary, you can refer to the built-in help. The application has ads that are disabled for a fee, but that’s not its only drawback – as a result of the photo processing you just get an image with an arbitrary old and far from realistic face, where your eyes, nose and mouth are just eyes, which is not in any comparison with what Old Face Changer can do.

Face App

A popular photo editor focused primarily on creating original and memorable selfies to share on social media. The application works under the control of proprietary neural technology, which allows you to automatically transform photos. So, with the help of the Face App you can change the background of the image, change your hair, pick up a beard and mustache and, of course, grow old or, conversely, to rejuvenate yourself. In addition to direct processing with standard filters, each photo can also be edited manually, adding, for example, a snow-white smile or perfect makeup. At the same time, the resulting images will look very high quality, which most of the programs we are considering today cannot boast of.

Not surprisingly, the developer requires a fee for access to such rich features – the application in principle can not be used for free. But if your desire to see yourself in old age is a one-time thing, you can use the trial version, which is provided for three days (the main thing – do not forget to cancel the subscription) – if you try, during this time you can process quite a lot of photos of yourself and your friends, acquaintances.

Old Face Cam

Another app, the algorithm of which is based on artificial intelligence. However, the capabilities of the latter are significantly inferior to those of the Face App – here the photos are not so much processed as blended and stylistically transformed. So, in order to age your face, you need to add a photo from the gallery or make a new one with the camera, then select one of the templates from the library, which depicts a person of the corresponding sex and age, and wait until one photo is combined with the other. The result is bearable, but not always realistic.

Old Face Cam, despite the name, is much better at applying any other effects and filters to a photo than aging a face. This editor allows you to turn a landscape in an image into a watercolor or oil painting, a pencil drawing, or a comic strip. You can use the app for free, but you’ll need to pay to access all the filters in the library.

Life Advisor

An app that has almost nothing in common with all the others discussed within this article, as it is not a photo editor. It’s a set of different tests, including Time Machine, an opportunity to find out your psychological age and then what you would look like if you were fully matched to it. Part of this test is aging one’s face as well. In addition, Life Advisor allows you to find out how a future child may look like based on photos of his parents, and also “knows” how to guess by hand.

Like most of the software solutions in our review today, this one is subscription-based, and far from cheap. You can pay for a week of use, a month and a year. It’s hard to highlight any specific drawbacks, since the testing algorithm used by the app as a whole looks questionable – all “conclusions”, including about such things as a person’s character and potential future, are made based on an uploaded image and filling out a simple questionnaire consisting of several line-by-line questions.

FaceKit AI

This program is a cross between the Life Advisor discussed above and one of the leading photo editors for social media, Face App. In addition to direct image processing and retouching, you can use it to learn your ethnicity and instantly age your face. FaceKit AI, as its name implies, works under the control of artificial intelligence, and there are no questions about the quality and realism of most images taken with it.

The application can be used for free, but only for basic photo editing. But for the above-mentioned features, as well as for changing the shape of the face, applying styles, hairstyles, beards, hats, glasses and other accessories, you will need to pay. Fortunately, most of the claimed features can be tried without the need to buy, though in a somewhat limited form – with reduced sets of effects and filters.

Z Camera

Despite the fact that the developers position this product primarily as a camera, in fact it is more of a graphic editor that allows you to create original publications for social networks. There is a large set of effects and filters, it is possible to create collages, posters and posters. The key feature of Z Camera is an extensive library of stickers, which, for the most part, is used to process images. The latter involves changing the age – both aging and rejuvenation. On a similar principle works Age Editor, but the templates available in it are much less high-quality and certainly not realistic.

The free version of the application is almost impossible to use – first, even before you go to its menu you will be asked to subscribe for a week, a month or a year, and second, most of the features shown on the main screen, features and, given the focus is especially important, sticker packs, will not be available until you get VIP status or use the trial version.

Despite the seemingly rich assortment of various iPhone face aging apps that can be found on the expanses of the App Store, we can only recommend Old Face Changer and Face App for use. The first allows you to solve the problem for free (but with quality issues), the second, if we talk about active users of social networks, works out all its cost thanks to the advanced work of the AI.