Effective Ways to Spy on Users via Smartphone

Effective ways to spy on users via smartphone

The smartphone in your pocket isn’t just a touch pad for playing Angry Birds and a way to quickly check social media. It is, among other things, also a reliable device that allows you to know at any time where your loved ones and friends are. Especially if there was an emergency, or if you haven’t heard from your family for a suspiciously long time.

Urgently finding out a person’s location may be necessary not only in emergency situations. Even if nothing extraordinary has happened, parents always want to know where their child is. Especially for the monitoring of relatives and friends, and were created services that allow using a smartphone to quickly track location of the user.

Operator services

Mobile service providers often offer appropriate geolocation services for a certain user. Of course, no one will allow you to track the movements of, say, the President of USA, but it is quite easy to keep an eye on your own child using a smartphone. For example, the service “Navigator” allows you to monitor via GPS systems and cell phone signal. It is possible to track the movements of the person, who has a phone with the corresponding service activated. To find out the location of the subject of interest, it is enough to use the most ordinary browser – the user logs in to the service site and sees the corresponding marks on the map.

Another similar service, “Child Watch” is created, as the name implies, specifically for parents. However, the system can also be used in other situations. The service works on the basis of determining the phone by base stations, in the range of which it is located, and is not particularly accurate. For example, the error in the city center can be up to 300 meters, on the outskirts – up to 1.5 km, and outside settlements – a few kilometers. Nevertheless, the service allows you to have an approximate idea of where a person is.

Surveillance apps

In addition to the services of operators on the web you can find many programs for mobile devices, designed by independent authors. In most cases they work using GPS, so in order to track your phone you must first turn on the corresponding module. One of the most popular such services is the application WAY GPS tracker. This application can not only track specific devices, but also entire groups, and even monitor the battery status of the remote device. If the battery starts to run low, a warning will appear on the screen so that no false alarms will occur. In addition, the application can notify the user that he or she has entered a danger zone, which is determined by the operator on the map. The application of the entire functionality of this application can be found in many different ways, from street patrolling to a game of strikeball and other entertainment.

The “GPS-tracking” program is a simplified version of the aforementioned system. The application has a simple interface and a detailed map. All subscribers, monitored by the user, are marked on the map by small avatars, among which, by the way, there can be a photo. Another advantage of the application is the hybrid system of operation. “GPS tracking” determines the location of the owner not only by GPS, but also by Wi-Fi and operator base stations, which can be very useful in cases where GPS simply does not work, for example: in concrete buildings, under the ground and in other hard-to-reach for satellite signal places.

Panic Buttons

In addition to directly tracking the location of your smartphone, it can be used to consciously alert relatives and friends in case of danger – just press the SOS button on the main screen, while refraining from making calls. There are quite a few apps of this kind on the Web. For example, Prime Alert sends an alarm in several cases at once: directly, by pressing a button, by strong shaking of the phone, which is meant to simulate a fight, by the absence of movement for a set time, which can mean the user has lost consciousness or is intentionally immobilized, and even in the case of abruptly pulling out the headphones, which often happens during an attack.

The app can be configured so that in such situations it automatically starts sending SMS and e-mail with the specified text and coordinates of the incident to previously specified addresses and numbers. The user’s coordinates are determined immediately by GPS and base stations. In addition, Prime Alert can be used to activate a loud siren to scare away attackers and to call a given number, including emergency services.