Track Your Activity: 15 apps to help you regain control of your life

15 apps to help you regain control of your life

These apps are for those who want or need control over their lives. For those who want to get their affairs in order, get rid of bad habits and look at their smartphone less often.

Time trackers

#1 MyAddictometer

MyAddictometer will show you how much time your phone takes, how often you unlock your screen, and how much you sit on social networks and other apps. You can see the results on a graph and compare them to other users’ achievements.

#2 Social Fever

The intuitive interface makes this program easy to understand. Social Fever will keep track of the apps you use the most. If you want, you can dedicate a certain amount of time to each of them. At the end of the day you will get a report on your progress and see how much time you have saved.

#3 aTimeLogger

Use this app to track absolutely all activity during the day. With accurate and detailed data, you can analyze your daily routine and habits and then make a plan to be more productive at work and at home.


A simple app that will help you keep track of your smartphone activity. The first time you run it, you’ll need to take a short survey to identify what you’re using your smartphone for and what results you want to achieve. You’ll then be prompted to enter a limit on how long you can use your phone, as well as how many times a day you can unlock your screen.

App Lockers

#5 QualityTime

QualityTime not only tracks how much time you spend on your phone, it also puts a limit on app usage. Add multiple profiles depending on what you’re busy with: one for work, another for study, a third for break and evening leisure. Flexible settings help you customize the app to fit your needs. For example, if you have urgent work, block not only apps, but also all notifications and calls.

#6 AntiSocial

A versatile app with a nice design and a lot of settings. With it you can set a daily limit, develop a plan to use apps for the whole month, as well as track your achievements and compare them with the performance of other people.

#7 Flipd

A simple app with minimal functionality. You set a time when you don’t want to use your smartphone, and the app locks your screen. If you need your phone urgently, you can unlock it once for 60 seconds. Of course, if you have an emergency, you can reset your smartphone.


With OFFTIME, you can monitor your activity stats to find the apps that are taking up the most time and block them. You can also turn off notifications, texts, and calls. If you don’t want to miss an important message or phone call, add a contact to the exception. Do the same with apps you need for work or study.

To-do lists


An app with lots of features and clear controls. Create to-do lists, add subtasks, reminders, files. You can share lists and tasks with other users. If you miss a call, the app will remind you to call back.

#10 S.Graph

A simple dial-shaped widget that displays your daily schedule. The app syncs with your calendar and displays the information on your screen. With it you can plan your day down to the minute. S.Graph can be used not only for scheduling, but also for developing habits.

#11 TickTick

A versatile scheduler with a nice design and a lot of features. The app syncs with calendars and with other devices. You can quickly create a note with your voice, share the list of tasks with other users, create a reminder by location, set priorities for tasks and combine them into folders, add hashtags and notes. In addition to the mobile application, there is also a web version.

#12 To Round

This planner is distinguished by its visual style. All the tasks in the app are presented in the form of balls. Each of them has a different color depending on the category of the task, as well as the size: the bigger the ball, the more important the goal.

Apps for working with habits

#13 Quitting addictions and habits

A simple app that will help in the fight against bad habits. You can set multiple goals at once and track your progress, and the app will motivate you daily. You can set a reward for yourself to make the fight easier.

#14 ControlYourSelf

The app is designed based on a point system. You specify a habit and its priority, and the higher it is, the more points will be deducted for a breakdown. Each day you get one point, for each breakdown points are taken off. On the graph you can see your progress. The application is distributed absolutely free and does not contain advertising.

#15 Habit Tracker

The app will not only help you get rid of bad habits, but also acquire useful ones. Use it if you want to quit smoking, stop chewing your nails and sit on social networks less. You can set a reminder for each goal and track your progress. The app supports synchronization with multiple devices and integration with Google Fit.